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Allegro Properties is a full-service residential and commercial property management company providing services throughout Stowe, Vermont since 2010.
As a company, Allegro offers a great deal.  But, we can do as much or as little as a client would like.
In house, our staff is equipped to provide screening and leasing services; financial management and budgeting, including the development of capital plans; regular maintenance and repair services; some landscaping services, and painting and carpentry.  We are also equipped to provide all of the organization and management of sub-contracted services like plowing and snow removal; electrical, heating/cooling, and plumbing services; accounting and legal services, and develop plans for capital projects; among other activities.
Allegro currently manages over 90 long-term residential apartments in Stowe, including market rent housing opportunities, and affordable housing opportunities for seniors, families, and the disabled.  As affordable housing managers, we are specially trained as Certified Occupancy Specialists through National Center for Housing Management.
We also manage three commercial spaces in Stowe.
In a nutshell, Allegro has an experienced staff of management and maintenance professionals able to provide a full array of financial, operational, and maintenance management.
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